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    i have a Crollo and a i would like bond him. What boost i need choose?

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    nonVIP when Chrollo is just recruited and is on at least 2 stars that's the moment you should put him in the party and go semi-pvp build:
    - any purple with defense or tenacity (whichever pair of runes are lower % total, but longterm plan should be tenacity)
    - Satotz with full stars (you didn't use "helper" and ruined gold stones hopefully, if you did go grind)
    - any red hero you currently have unused

    nonVIP when you recruit Uvogin and have gems to up him to at least two stars it's time to add him in the team and replace some bonds on Chrollo:
    - replace Satotz bond with rare Kurapika (full stars!) if you have him
    - put Illumi instead of whatever red was there and start grinding red gems to bring Illumi onto max stars

    VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, probably also VIP4, not sure if VIP5 and above need to bother with any of this:
    - instead of Satotz use rare Leorio and put Killua as purple bond, later replace them both as I've stated above

    Higher VIPs like VIP935689463574605237602376... Just put any useless cheap rare trash from treasure event that gives debuff immunity. Rare Gon or Rare Killua.
    I mean seriously, full manual of heroes and you'll use Chrollo in the active team? Okay I guess, whatever takes your fancy. Just make sure two of three bonded heroes boost ATK and CRI.
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