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    Super Cut Keto But we confess honestly: often the feeling of hunger drowns out the voice of reason, and instead of following simple rules and remembering which foods have the lowest glycemic index and the minimum number of calories, we just take and make a sandwich for ourselves. And then another. And we eat chocolate. Perhaps the figure does not hurt, but the feeling of guilt, bad mood and breakdowns on loved ones are guaranteed. To eat a sweet bar during an attack of hunger and not to feel fear for a figure - is it possible? Yes, it is possible: for this purpose, Racionika products were developed. Racionika is a high-quality diet food, the main components of which are proteins, dietary fiber, trace elements, vitamins. Racionika Products- products with low energy density - designed specifically for comfortable and natural weight loss. The mechanism of their action is quite simple. When it enters the stomach, dietary fibers swell and fill it, while hunger does not bother you for several hours. In addition, the composition of Racionika products includes a sufficiently large amount of protein (which also provides a long-term feeling of satiety) essential amino acids, trace elements and vitamins (B1, B3, B6; calcium, magnesium and zinc, etc.). What is important for losing weight: Racionika products have a pleasant taste, but the amount of sugar and calories in them is kept to a minimum. Sugar of natural origin serves as a source of glucose, and its high taste provides inclusion of natural fruit (banana, coconut, strawberry) into the composition. The composition of Racionika products is balanced in such a way as to serve as a partial or complete replacement of one or several dishes of the daily diet. So, having eaten a Racionika bar for breakfast, you will provide your body with not only nutrients and vitamins, but also energy, and the feeling of satiety will not leave you for 4 hours. Racionika will help to normalize food and reduce weight without feeling a constant feeling of hunger and without changing your usual rhythm of life. Agree, Racionika is much more convenient than counting calories, and much more useful than just drinking water. What is the nutritional value, or calorie content of the product, they know, perhaps, all losing weight.