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    Tinnitus 911 And noting that during your illness you began to hear worse, immediately contact the specialists . Watch your health. This is the most important thing in a person’s life. By following our recommendations, you will improve communication with your loved ones who have hearing problems. 1. It will be more convenient for you to communicate if: you will pronounce the phrases expressively, clearly and naturally; keep a calm tone of voice. When you are emotional, it becomes much more difficult to understand speech; do not speak too slowly. In the dialogue, the words should be clearly separated from each other, but the speech should not be slow, so as not to lose its logical meaning. 2. Before you start a dialogue, it is worth drawing the attention of the interlocutor. For contact, go to him so that the person can see your face: For people who have hearing problems, it is very important to see your face and mouth. And if you also communicate in a place where there are a lot of extraneous sounds, then it is simply necessary. Many people have the ability to perceive dialogue by reading over a person’s lips; Be sure to maintain eye contact with the other person. 3. If you stand close to the listener: the distance between the interlocutors should not exceed 6 steps; A winning option would be the location on the side from which the other party hears better. How to communicate with loved ones wearing a hearing aid? Useful tips4. If you want to show your emotions in “sign language”: communicating with a person who has a hearing loss, you can add emotionality to your speech using gestures, changes in intonation in your voice. 5. Sometimes you have to repeat and rephrase what has been said: if suddenly during a conversation you will need to repeat the sentence, then it is better to use words that are simpler for auditory perception; if a person with hearing problems is late to the beginning of the dialogue, then attract him to the conversation, briefly explaining its essence.